Dear Client

punishHow I wish if you could see your dog through my eyes. Than you would “see” that he is not stubborn, mean, stupid and he didn’t come in to your life to ruin it. You would see how sweet, lovely and eager to learn he is. Maybe frightened and insecure, or just young and full of energy.

I wish you would know how important it is for you to follow the instructions, to be consistent, manage situations and environment and to be patient.
Trust me I DO understand it is not easy, but I wish if you could understand how necessary it is.
I wish you could know how many hours I have spent studying, reading, researching, learning about dog behavior. How much energy and money I have invested, for YOU and YOUR dog. So that I can transfer knowledge to you – so that you can co-exist better with your 4legged friend. Because of that, when I do give you advice it really is based on some proven knowledge.

I am not just saying things to make your life difficult or inventing them up. Because that is how you see it sometimes. You do not like change, you do not want to change. You want your dog to stop doing something or start doing something. Period. You do not want to see how big of a role you have.

I wish you would know how difficult it is for me when I see how with using proper tools and having proper approach things would become better, for both of you. I SEE the solution (often more than one), it is RIGHT THERE. And I KNOW that it can work.
And than I see that you are NOT doing it, not implementing any or some of it and than you tell me that it does not work.
That breaks my heart.

I wish you would know that it is not easy to be supportive, understanding, creative while you diminish what I am trying to accomplish, for you. So I twist, turn, bend, compromise (not happy to for sake of dog, but I do) to make it work for you…but it is still not enough. You want it to be fixed, now. By me, not you.
I am sorry, it does not work that way.

Oh, how I wish YOU would find joy in helping your dog succeed….if you would get excited as I do for every small victory, for every step forward.
I wish, you would not get disappointed when there is a step back. I would love it if you would see it as information – just that. Info that will help you make necessary adjustments, or just wait it out.

My dear Client, please remember that this dog (or any pet) did not come into your life holding a gun to your head, forcing you to take him in. It was YOUR choice, and now it is your RESPONSIBILTY to care for a being that depends almost completely on you.
PLEASE take time and energy and invest it into getting to know your dog and in learning all you can about dog behavior. And than ACT on it. You are not alone, I am here to help you. You called me…
And please, please DO NOT GIVE UP after first bump on the road. Your dog never gives up, no matter what you do or don’t do.

Dear Client,
You, who do not want to change or invest time/energy – you are lucky that your dog is so forgiving. Please, remember that…


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* Please excuse my English, it is not my primary language. 

Jelena Kallay – Vagabond Positive Animal Communication
Dip. Animal Behavior Technology, Dip. ABT – CASI
Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program, KPA – CTP